Efficient monitoring of

huge amounts of data

Railway Monitoring Box

Product Description

During train operation a huge amount of data has to be processed at the same time. These data are divided into different sections of information. The control computers communicate with the components via data buses. In parallel, various sensors send the current status. Individual controllers implement the received instructions and return the state of the system to the control system. SPHEREA offers the Railway Monitoring Box to specifically monitor and evaluate information from the big set of data.

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The more different the individual vehicles, the more different are the metrological requirements on the operators. To meet these requirements, the Railway Monitoring Box is a freely configurable and flexible tool for real-time condition monitoring of railway vehicles. A powerful real-time computer monitors data buses, analog and digital signals and merges the respective information at the same time. This allows pre-defined events to be intercepted in a targeted manner. In addition to MVB and Ethernet interfaces, optional modules for CAN bus and WTB train bus are available. The various possibilities of the software can be extended and adapted according to customer requirements. Freely configurable graphical user interfaces can be created for control purposes. A further focus in the development is on the various possibilities for data analysis, both in the running measuring operation and in the stored data sets. The Railway Monitoring Box also offers the option of being used as a stand-alone intelligent data logger. Data can be sent automatically in the network via WLAN. Other communication interfaces (GSM, LoRa, SigFox) are optionally available. A GPS module records the vehicle’s position and speed independently of each other.

The Railway Monitoring Box provides the operators and manufacturers with a platform independent system to implement a variety of measurement tasks within train communication quickly.

SPHEREA Germany – Railway Monitoring Box


  • Flexible and freely configurable
  • Real time condition monitoring of different data streams
  • Possibility for predefined test cases and monitoring functions
  • External communication interfaces
  • Stand alone operation possible
  • Interception of rare error cases

Application Area

  • Commissioning of the train control system
  • Data acquisition during operation
  • Fault analysis