Sphereas annual workshop 2021

This year’s January workshop took place entirely online. Also this year, all employees of Spherea worked together on the company goals for the new year 2021. In addition to the group work in the virtual workspaces, fun and games were not neglected. The virtual dance training with the Hip-Twist dance school and the virtual “exit game” provided variety and a breath of fresh air between the items on the agenda.

We have compensated our 2019 CO2 emissions

As already mentioned, SPHEREA has set itself the goal of working CO2 positive at the beginning of 2020. This also includes to compensate the CO2 emissions of the last year. With the help of COMPENSAID we have compensated our flights in 2019 by supporting reforestation, sustainable aviation and the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

SPHEREA’s environmental contribution

SPHEREA has undertaken to start initiatives to bind CO2 emissions. One part of these initiatives has already been implemented. SPHEREA has signed a contract with a farmer from Unterfahlheim, district of Neu-Ulm, who sows flowers on his field to bind CO2 and at the same time provides food for insects and shelter for animals.

Message from SPHEREA Group CEO in France

Dear Clients & Partners, dear All, As announced in his speech on the COVID-19 epidemic, Emmanuel Macron President of the Republic highlighted the gravity of the current situation: “Covid-19 which is impacting all continents and is striking all European countries, is the most serious health crisis that France has ever experienced.” Hence we are facing [...]

Meeting of the CDU Wirtschaftsrat e.V.

Since 2018 is SPHEREA a member of the CDU Economic Council. As a member, SPHEREA can actively contribute entrepreneurial interests and economic concerns to the Economic Council. The next meeting will take place in the company offices of SPHEREA. The topic “Peace Policy in unpeaceful Times” will be discussed by Agnieszka Brugger, Deputy Chairwoman of the Bündnis90/Die Grünen parliamentary group in the German Bundestag and member of the Defence Committee. One of the interesting questions will be: What means the current security policy challenges for German small and medium-sized enterprises, acting in the security sector?


Participation in this year’s summit of world market leaders

SPHEREA was part of the summit meeting of world market leaders on 29th – 30th of January 2020. This meeting, with its approximately 500 participants, is the largest meeting of actual and potential world market leaders, consultants and decision-makers in Germany. In addition to topics such as corporate responsibility in climate change, the balance between tradition and technology, SPHEREA was also interested in discussing the success factors of medium-sized companies: People, politics and innovation.